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A statement of Condemnation and Denunciation

kidnapping eight women from their homes in the Al-Zira'a neighborhood in the city of Marib


A statement of Condemnation and Denunciation


We were very shocked when we received the news of the emergence of armed elements affiliated with armed criminal, terrorist groups. Which involves under the logistical and political cover called “Hadi Forces or the National Army” under the leadership of the forces of the countries participating in the aggressive war on Yemen in the so-called “Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy” by kidnapping eight women from their homes in the Al-Zira’a neighborhood in the city of Marib. Within the militarily occupied areas of the coalition forces of aggression on Yemen, from which these armed terrorist criminal groups use a hotbed of their leverage and a scene for their crimes.

They were taken to unknown locations and it is reported that they were handed over to the invading Saudi forces. Within a systematic framework for the handover of Yemeni citizens (civilians) who were kidnapped as prisoners by the coalition to strengthen its negotiating position, which is represented by pressure on the Yemeni government in Sana’a. That is not to take back its officers and soldiers from the captives of the Yemeni army and the popular committees in the deals of exchanging their prisoners. As these elements kidnapped civilian travelers and handed them over to the Saudi forces, and they were launched in prisoner exchange deals with Saudi Arabia, under the supervision of the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

This crime committed by those terrorist criminal elements affiliated with the forces of the Aggression Coalition by detaining displaced civilian women who have nothing to do with armed military conflict contradicts international humanitarian law by neutralizing civilians and not using them to achieve military or political goals.

It also strongly contradicts the principles, values ​​and norms of the Yemeni, Arab, Islamic and humanitarian society and denies, rejects them and all nations and religions despise them even human instinct. It is also considered strange to our society with all its classes and components, and has never been justified or previously committed except by these brutal, barbaric, criminal and terrorist elements, groups and organizations. Which enjoys to support, funding and works under the command of the Emirati-Saudi aggression coalition forces, which are pursuing a planned and systematic policy with their participation with these terrorist elements. To carry out kidnappings of innocent civilians, including the crime of kidnapping the widow Samira Marsh from among her children in Al-Jawf Governorate in late 2019.

What causes great concern and condemnation is what has been published by the media of the countries of the Aggression Against Yemen coalition about the crime (eight women were arrested for being a cell spy for the Houthis). According to the media of those countries, which these groups and organizations follow and Conspire with them in an attempt to justify and legitimize these heinous and brutal terrorist crimes.

We are at the Justice Lawyers Foundation followed up the suspicion against the eight women through the media of the Aggression Coalition Against Yemen. We affirm that accusations are void, malicious and false pretexts that are inconsistent with logic, contradict reality, far from the firm and stark facts. That displaced women residing in the outskirts of Marib cannot carry out military espionage acts and because the military targets that Sana’a forces target are outside cities and populated areas. Women cannot perform this mission, which is falsely attributed by the media affiliated with the coalition forces of aggression on Yemen.

In addition, the situation and reality of these women is from the weakness and lack of ability and capabilities, and the reality of these women are displaced with their families in areas and sites that are supervised, managed and monitored by international organizations. On the other hand, these women belong to regions and governorates other than the city of Marib, and therefore they have no knowledge of the nature of the place alleged to be spied on. They also do not have the skill and scientific military capacity to carry out these alleged tasks.

The allegation that displaced and vulnerable women are planning assassinations is also ridiculous.

We are, in the Justice Lawyers Foundation, express our condemnation and Denunciation of this crime, and we bear the full responsibility of the leaders of the countries of the Aggression Against Yemen, headed by Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud and Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, for whom these groups of forces conspiracy, and we call for the following:

1- We call on the international community, represented by its governmental, non-governmental organizations and agencies, especially those concerned with defending human rights and all human rights defenders, groups and individuals, to do all that is necessary to stop these crimes and the grave danger to the kidnapped victims. In a way that guarantees their liberation in the beginning and with all measures, including, in particular, the urgent campaign to communicate and put pressure on Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud and Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to ensure that they order their forces and those groups to free the kidnapped women.

2-Condemnation and denunciation of this act by all entities inside and outside the country, institutions and individuals.

3-In particular, we call on the people of Marib Governorate to take serious action to liberate these women and account the perpetrators of crime.

4- The government in Sana’a should assume its national duty to liberate all Yemeni lands to prevent such acts and the account its perpetrators.


Issued by the Justice Lawyers Foundation

Law Foundation Concerned with rights and freedoms


Thursday 4 February 2021


A statement of Condemnation and Denunciation 2


اظهر المزيد

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