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Justice lawyers & 137 Human Rights and Civil Organizations and Networks Calls for Stopping the War and Aggression against Yemen, Lifting the Siege, and Building Peace among All Yemenis

The undersigned human rights and civil organizations, while following the developments of the Saudi-Emirati aggressive war on Yemen, which is entering its eighth year, express their strong condemnation, in view of the tens of thousands of civilians killed and wounded, the destruction of infrastructure, the expansion of the cycle of poverty and deadly diseases, and other manifestations of misery, the deprivation of the most basic human rights, not to mention the siege of the port of Hodeidah, and the closure of Sana’a airport, and the relentless pursuit of dividing Yemen and occupying its lands and islands, especially the island of Socotra.

All this is happening before the eyes and ears of the whole world, with the terrible silence and inaction of the international community, led by the United Nations, and most of its affiliated institutions, out of fear that Saudi and Emirati financial contributions to their funds will stop.

This catastrophic situation in which Yemen is, is revealed by the statistics of Yemeni human rights institutions and organizations, which monitored war crimes, aggression, and crimes against humanity committed in Yemen during the past seven years.

Where it recorded more than (17200) deaths, including about (4000) children and about (2500) women, and the number of wounded exceeded (26900) wounded, and about (579900) homes were destroyed, (15) airports, (400) hospitals and medical clinics, and (16) ports, (680) popular markets, (500) networks and communication stations, (2000) government facilities, (400) factories, (11000) commercial facilities, (5000) roads and bridges, (1500) mosques, (180) university facilities, (250) archaeological landmarks, (50) media institutions, (1100) schools and educational facilities, (8300) agricultural fields, (136) sports facilities, (477) livestock and poultry farms, (8483) transport vehicles and (476) fishing boats.

Proceeding from the principles and customs of public international law, the Charter of the United Nations, international human rights law, international humanitarian law, refugee law and the Rome Statute; the report of the Group of Experts of the United Nations Human Rights Council; the principles of peaceful coexistence and the resolution of disputes by peaceful means; especially the right of peoples to self-determination and their right to sovereignty over their wealth and the integrity of their lands without any external interference.


Recalling the positive results achieved by the UN envoy to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Jamal bin Omar, after a dialogue between the various parties to the crisis in Yemen, which produced realistic solutions that would have put Yemen on the path of reconciliation among its various societal components, after the crisis it has known, the undersigned demand:

First: An urgent move by all the free men and women of the world and all the forces defending human rights and peoples, to press for an end to the aggressive war on Yemen.

Second: Stopping the war on Yemen by the countries of aggression, lifting the immediate siege on Yemen, especially the port of Hodeidah and Sana’a airport, and allowing the entry of foodstuffs, medicines and medical devices and fuel derivatives, treatment of critically ill and stranded cases urgently and without restrictions.

Third: The apology of the countries of aggression and compensation for the losses incurred in Yemen as a result of the aggression against Yemen, which was announced by Washington on March 25, 2015 as “Operation Decisive Storm”.

Fourth: The initiative of all parties to release all prisoners of war and reveal the fate of the missing.

Fifth: All countries stop selling arms to the coalition countries that are continuing their aggression against Yemen.

Sixth: All Yemeni parties sit at a Yemeni-Yemeni dialogue table at a date and place agreed upon by all Yemeni parties, under the guidance of the United Nations, in order to agree on peaceful solutions based on the internationally recognized principles of human and peoples’ rights, the outcomes of the 2013 National Dialogue, and the Peace Agreement Partnership and its accessories.

Seventh: The United Nations Human Rights Council renews the work of the Committee of Experts to open an investigation into the crime of aggression, war crimes and crimes against humanity in Yemen and all violations of international humanitarian law during the past seven years.

Eighth: The Yemeni parties’ adoption of transitional justice as a mechanism for establishing peace.

Ninth: Enabling the Yemeni people, their right to self-determination, without any external interference, and to hold free and fair parliamentary and presidential elections, with the assistance and monitoring of the United Nations.

Tenth: Forming an international human rights coalition to prosecute all parties involved in the crime of aggression, war crimes, and crimes against humanity committed in Yemen, in order to hold them accountable in court and not to impunity.

Sana’a, 27/3/2022

Signing organizations:

  1. Tunisian General Labor Union
  2. Arab Writers Union
  3. Federation of Women’s Action/Morocco
  4. The Jordan Federation of the independent Trade Unions
  5. The Federation of Women Action Committee
  6. Union of Palestinian Working Women’s Committees
  7. Union of Women’s Committees for Social Work/Palestine
  8. The Human Rights Coalition to Stop the Aggression, Lift the Siege, and Build Peace in Yemen (includes 10 organizations from ten Arab countries)
  9. The Academic Assembly for the support of Palestine-Lebanon
  10. Cultural Rally for Democracy / Iraq
  11. Women’s Cultural Assembly for Democracy / Iraq
  12. NGOs Platform (Tajamoh)(includes 50 organizations)/Lebanon
  13. The Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering-RDFL
  14. Iraqi Coalition Against the Death Penalty
  15. The Iraqi Alliance for Human Rights Organizations (includes 55 organizations)
  16. The Arab Coalition against the Death Penalty(includes 9 coalitions in 8 countries)
  17. Yemeni Coalition Against the Death Penalty
  18. Coordination for Maghreb Human Rights Organizations (include 26 HR organizations from Morocco, Mauretania, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya)
  19. Ibn Rushd Association for Development and Democracy / Iraq
  20. The Women’s Determination Association / Yémen
  21. The Jordan Society for Human Rights
  22. Baraem Association for Social Work/Lebanon
  23. Association Al-Bashaer pour le développement des femmes et des enfants/Yémen
  24. Civil Solidarity Association / Tunis
  25. Tunisian Association for Cultural Action (ATAC)
  26. Tunisian Association of Democratic Women
  27. Tunisian Association for the Support of Minorities
  28. The Association for the Defense of Human Rights in Morocco (ASDHOM)
  29. Al Reda Association for Training and Rehabilitation of Women and Children / Yemen
  30. Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society/Palestine
  31. Working Women’s Association/Jordan
  32. Association of the International Cultural Network for Palestine
  33. Lebanese Association of Democratic Jurists
  34. Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development PWWSD”
  35. Moroccan Association for Human Rights
  36. The Moroccan Association for Women Progressive
  37. Association of the Economic and Social Forum for Women / Jordan
  38. Association of Arab Agricultural Engineers
  39. The Mauritanian Association for the Promotion of Rights
  40. ALMizan Association for Development and Human Rights /Iraq
  41. Arab Women Organization-Jordan
  42. Société yéménite pour la thalassémie et les maladies génétiques du sang/Yémen
  43. Women’s Media Development Foundation – Tam/Palestin
  44. Hemaya Association for Human Rights and Development/Egypt
  45. Jose Marti Association for Arab-Latin American Solidarity
  46. Rachel Corrie Association for Solidarity Among Peoples
  47. Roaa Women Association-Jordan
  48. Women’s Network Society for Women Support/ Jordan
  49. Candles Association for Equality
  50. Amman Society Forum for Human Rights
  51. Tattoo Association/Tunisia
  52. Yaqzah Association for Democracy and the Civil State/Tunisia
  53. The Tunisian League for the Defense of Human Rights
  54. The Algerian League for Defense Human Rights
  55. Jordanian Women’s Association “Rama” / Jordan
  56. Association of Women Heads of Families from Mauritania
  57. Iraqi League for Human Rights Trainers
  58. The Jordanian Network for Human Rights (includes 11 human rights organizations)
  59. The Moroccan Democratic Network for Solidarity with the Peoples(includes 38 Commission)
  60. The Arab Human Rights Trainers Network
  61. Volunteer Network for Development and Human Rights / Egypt
  62. Women’s Peace and Security Network (Yemen)
  63. The Syrian National Network for Civil Peace and Community Safety.
  64. Committees for the Defense of Democratic Freedoms and Human Rights in Syria (LDH)
  65. The International Committee for Solidarity with Prisoners in Israeli Prisons (Solidarity)
  66. Arab Commission for Human Rights
  67. The Kurdish Committee for Human Rights in Syria (Al Rased).
  68. The Vigilance Committee for Democracy in Tunisia / Belgium
  69. The Committee for the Respect of Freedoms and Human Rights in Tunisia
  70. The International Council Supporting Fair Trials and Human Rights (ICSFT)
  71. Yemeni Council for Rights and Freedoms / Yemen
  72. Lawyers for Justice /Yemen
  73. Democratic School/Yemen
  74. The Arab Observatory for Human Rights and Citizenship/ Lebanon
  75. Arab House Center for Research and Studies/ Egypt
  76. Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture-Lebanon
  77. Women’s Studies Center/ Palestine
  78. International Center for the Promotion of Rights and Freedoms – Swiss Association
  79. Development Action Center – Ma’an / Palestine
  80. The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and Advocates “Musawa”
  81. Palestinian Centre for Peace and Democracy PCPD
  82. Human Rights Center for Memory and Archives/Morocco
  83. Damascus Center for Theoretical and Civil Studies
  84. Amman Center for Human Rights Studies (ACHRS)
  85. Ain Center for Human Rights/Yemen
  86. Metro Center for Defending the Rights of Journalists/ Iraq
  87. Yemeni Institute for Strategic Affairs
  88. Forum des organizations independents de la society civil/Yémen
  89. Bahrain Forum for Human Rights
  90. Economic Research Forum/Tunisia
  91. Renewal Forum for Citizen and Democratic Thought / Tunisia
  92. The Social Political Youth Forum – Palestine
  93. Sudanese National Civil Forum(includes 54 civil society organizations) / Sudan
  94. Moroccan Forum for Truth and Equity
  95. African Organization for Human Rights Monitoring/Morocco
  96. The Tunisian Organization against Torture
  97. Gender Studies and Information Organization / Iraq
  98. Organization for the Defense of Prisoners of Conscience in Syria – Rawanga
  99. Organisation de jeunesse indépendante/Yémen
  100. The Arab Organization for Human Rights in Syria
  101. The Kurdish Organization for Human Rights in Syria (DAD)
  102. Al Mouel Organization for Rights and Development / Yemen
  103. National Organization for Human Rights in Syria
  104. Yemeni Organization for Dialogue of Religions and Cultures
  105. Yemeni Organization for Humanitarian Action / Yemen
  106. Freedom House Organization to defend human rights and combat slavery and its remnants/ Mauritania
  107. Tihama Organization for Rights, Development and Human Heritage/Yemen
  108. Human Rights Organization in Syria- Maf
  109. Sawah Organization for Human Rights -Iraq
  110. Desert Youth Organization for Development and Human Rights / Libya
  111. Humanity Relief and Development Organization/Yémen
  112. Yemeni Organization for Defense Rights and Democratic Freedoms/Yemen
  113. Fondation Afkar pour la construction du Yémen
  114. Al-Haq Foundation for Freedom of Opinion and Expression and Human Rights/Egypt
  115. Fondation Al-Rafa pour le développement durable/Yémen
  116. Fondation de soins humanitaires pour les personnes ayant des besoins spéciaux/Yémen
  117. National Prisoner Foundation/Yemen
  118. The Middle East Foundation for Development and Human Rights (Yemen)
  119. Justice and Citizenship Foundation for Human Rights/ Egypt
  120. The Arab Foundation to support Civil Society and Human Rights/Egypt
  121. Al-Masar Social Foundation Al-Tanmosa/Yemen
  122. Fondation du savoir pour le développement humain/Yémen
  123. National Foundation to Combat Human Trafficking/Yemen
  124. Fondation nationale pour la lutte contre le tabagisme Qat et les drogues/Yémen
  125. Fondation Basma Amal pour la physiothérapie et la rééducation du mouvement/Yémen
  126. Excellence et Fondation Ataa pour le renouveau et le développement / Yémen
  127. Jusoor Foundation for Development / Yemen
  128. Fondation Jude pour le soin et la réhabilitation des orphelins/Yémen
  129. Fondation Doroob pour l’aide d’urgence et le développement/Yémen
  130. Shahama Watan Foundation for Rights and Development/Yemen
  131. Adalah Foundation for Human Rights/Yemen
  132. Egyptian Women’s Issues Foundation
  133. Women Lawyers Initiative for Women’s Rights Foundation/Egypt
  134. Mada Foundation for Human Rights / Iraq
  135. Yemeni Bar Association
  136. Syndicate National des Journalists Tunisians
  137. The International Commission for Supporting the Rights of the Palestinian People
  138. Sahel Authority for the Defense of Human Rights/Mauritania

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