Justice Lawyers

Law Foundation concerned with Rights and Freedoms


Justice lawyers follow its founders, we are lawyer Amin Abdul-Khaliq Hajar and lawyer Ibrahim Muhammad Al-Mansour. We practice the legal profession through Justice Lawyers, a law firm concerned with rights and freedoms, with a license from the Yemeni Bar Association. In the same case, we also perform through it and on the basis of its entity and through it the tasks of our human responsibilities and our duties as human rights defenders concerned with rights and freedoms.

For this purpose, we work collectively with the participation of other defenders on programs and projects of activities concerned with rights and freedoms through institutional work to improve the quality of work and improve performance in a manner that ensures the achievement of the goals, objectives and desired results for the highest level of service to humanitarian and societal issues to achieve justice and redress for victims and to prosecute human rights violators and not escape from them Justice and obtaining a deterrent legal penalty in a way that limits crimes and violations and in order to enhance the protection and respect of human rights and the principles of the United Nations and its Charter and supports security and peace at the local, regional and global levels.

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