Justice lawyers bless the second operation to break the siege of the Yemeni forces in the Saudi depth

Justice lawyers bless a law firm concerned with rights and freedoms for the implementation of the second operation to break the siege by the Yemeni armed forces, which targeted the Saudi depth in 9 vital military and strategic sites for Aramco in Abha, Khamis Mushait, Jizan, Samtah, Dhahran Al-Janoub and Jeddah through its drones and its winged and ballistic missiles on Sunday, March 20, 2022

Justice lawyers consider that what the Yemeni armed forces have done in the second phase of the operation to break the siege is part of the legitimate response to all crimes and brutal aggression against the Yemeni people by Saudi Arabia and for what they suffer from a continuous siege targeting life and civilians in Yemen and their extermination

What the Yemeni armed forces have done over the past three years is part of the strategy of moving from the stage of receiving strikes in Yemen to the stage of achievements and strategic strikes in the Saudi depth in support of, defending and protecting the freedoms and human rights and internationally recognized Yemen that limits the attacks and violations of the countries of the coalition of aggression led by Saudi Arabia

The operations of the army and the committees constituted an effective and serious mechanism in protecting and defending them in light of the failure of the international protection mechanisms and their complicity in disavowing the duties of implementing their obligations stipulated in international agreements.

We are the lawyers of justice as we call on Saudi Arabia and its coalition countries to stop their aggression and war crimes against Yemen and its violations of human rights and freedoms

We call on the international community to quickly condemn all crimes of aggression, war and siege on Yemen and its people and to move quickly to carry out its duties to stop and prevent them.


Issued by Lawyers of Justice

Law firm concerned with rights and freedoms*

Sana’a – March 21, 2022

اظهر المزيد

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