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A statement of Condemnation and Denunciation The crime of kidnapping a woman and her child from Marib passports department

بشأن جريمة اختطاف امرأة وطفلها من جوازات مارب


Armed groups in Marib that follow the forces of the aggression coalition on Yemen are still practicing their systematic crimes against the Yemeni people, as armed elements kidnapped the citizen (Naziha Al-Junaid) with her seven-year-old child while she was being treated to obtain a passport.

This crime of kidnapping civilians by interrupting to them while traveling or during travel procedures is not the only crime, but it was preceded by many cases. As these armed groups carry out revenge operations for citizens by imprisoning them in harsh conditions, using all means of torture on them, depriving them of their most basic rights, and the aggression coalition forces use them as a card to achieve gains during the negotiation of prisoner exchanges.

As these actions are carried out in a systematic manner by targeting transiting civilians through identity, racial and territorial discrimination, such as targeting Hashemites and the people of Sada Governorate.

What encourages these terrorist criminal groups to commit this criminal behavior that is inconsistent with the principles of human rights and international humanitarian law is logistical support and financial funding from the countries of the aggression coalition on Yemen called (the Coalition to Support Legitimacy led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE) through political coverage of their presence under the names (Hadi Forces – The National Army – Legitimacy Forces). which Involving under it to fight with the participation of coalition forces, and they obey the orders of leaderships of the Saudi and Emirati. These groups also commit these and other crimes by incitement and within the scheme of their aggression and crimes against Yemen and its people.

As that imposed siege on the Yemeni people and the closure of airports in the capital and cities under the authority of the Yemeni government in Sana’a. incarceration all ports to Yemen to those that fall under the control of armed groups affiliated with the forces of the aggression on Yemen has constituted a major factor for the victims’ falling into the hands of these groups under necessity being forced to travel for treatment, as well as the silence and ignorance of international organizations, led by the United Nations for these crimes and the crime of siege and closure of ports.

We strongly condemn these crimes, and we hold the armed elements and their local and foreign leaders, led by the leaders of the countries of the Aggression Coalition, especially Mohammed bin Salman and Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, fully responsible for the safety of the citizen and her kidnapped child, and many similar cases. We also demand the speedy release of them, compensate and reparation for the damage they suffered.

We invite the international community represented by its governmental and non-governmental organizations and bodies, especially those concerned with defending human rights. Also, human rights defenders, groups and individuals, to do everything necessary to stop these crimes and the danger to the kidnapped victims. In order to ensure their liberation in the beginning and with all procedure, including, in particular, the urgent campaign to communicate and pressure Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud and Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to issue orders to these groups to free the kidnapped.

We also hold international and local organizations that concerned with international humanitarian law, led by the International Committee of the Red Cross and all organizations working in the field of human rights, to carry out their humanitarian and moral responsibilities to take action and advocate for this cause.

Be patient till Allah do decide: for He is the best to decide.))))

Issued by:

Justice Lawyers

 Law Foundation Concerned with

RIGHTS and Freedoms


Thursday 8 February 2021

اظهر المزيد

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