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Justice lawyers condemn the Saudi authorities’ massacre of 81 peoples, including 7 Yemenis

 Justice Lawyers condemns the massacre of political executions committed by the Saudi authorities against 81 people, including seven Yemenis, including two prisoners from the Yemeni army and popular committees Which is a blatant violation of international humanitarian laws that preserve the right to human life and also the right to life of prisoners of war, criminalize political execution and protect the right to freedom of opinion and expression.

Justice lawyers consider that this heinous crime by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against the Saudis in Qatif and Al-Ahsa and the prisoners and Yemeni expatriates in Saudi Arabia is the same criminal and terrorist approach pursued by the Takfiri groups and the terrorist ISIS groups who have no religious or humanitarian scruples towards everyone who disagrees with them and that they are a machine killing humanity Where it has been constantly not observing any laws, custom or religion that prevents them from everything they do violations and in front of everyone’s eyes.

The heinous crimes against humanity committed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are mainly caused by international complicity with it and the continuous turning a blind eye to it and its crimes Which allowed it to tamper with the lives of innocent people, whether in its country or in its aggression against the Yemeni people without the slightest deterrent, and all this complicity is due to the great countries’ care for Saudi Arabia and their need for its money Which you pay as a price for them for their complete silence towards all the dirty deeds that Saudi Arabia is committing on everyone.

Justice lawyers call on the international community with all its various free bodies and forums to work to hold the Saudi authorities accountable for violating international and humanitarian laws and to punish them in order to achieve the justice that the international community, unfortunately, pays lip service to and revolts for it in one place that is compatible with its interests and condones it in another place also for the sake of its interests, which reveals the duplicity and racism of the international community, which is clear and ugly in front of everyone in the world.

             Issued by Lawyers of Justice

Law firm concerned with Rights and Freedoms

Sana’a- March,13 2022

اظهر المزيد

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