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A statement of Condemnation and Denunciation

A statement of Condemnation and Denunciation




The Justice Lawyers Foundation stood against the decision of the previous US administration headed by Donald Trump, hereby classified an original Yemeni component which is consider a large part of the Yemeni society and people that is Ansar Allah component, by including them in the list of foreign terrorist organizations by US State Department.

We are in the Justice Lawyers Foundation, express about our strong condemnation of this act, which is considered the enthronement of the crimes of aggression, war, siege, terrorism crimes, crimes against humanity and transnational organized crimes committed against Yemen and its people.

The launching of the implementation of these aggression and siege crimes was announced from its capital, Washington, on March 26, 2015 AD with a regional front formed by coalition states in the region, headed by Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. Those take over the leadership of the forces of the aggressor countries involved in the participation to implement the crimes of the aggression plan, the siege of military and war operations from outside the region State Yemen. Within the operations of an armed external intervention in the so-called (Decisive Storm and Restoring Hope) within the framework of the so-called “Arab Alliance to Support Legitimacy in Yemen”. They also implement of armed hostile operations from inside the Yemeni territory that they invaded and occupied. With the participation of groups of its local and external elements that form the terrorist criminal groups and organizations called (Ansar al-Sharia), (Tramp Brigades), (Daesh) and other groups and organizations. Also, the branches and derivatives of the so-called Al-Qaeda organization, the branch of the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen, which has been classified as extremely dangerous to international peace and security. According to international resolutions, including what was issued by the UN Security Council.

Several international reports, including those of independent experts at the UN Security Council, have confirmed that participation between them and the Arab coalition forces led by the Saudi and Emirati forces that finance and support them to conspire their orders.

We condemn the previous US administration’s decision by making this wrongly false classification of Ansar Allah. As this decision comes within the framework of the logistical support and political cover that the previous American administrations are working to support the aggressive war on Yemen and those savagery, barbaric and terrorist crimes against Yemen and its people. An attempt to justify, pass, and legitimize it, mislead the international community, and falsify the international community’s awareness of the truth about its ugliness. Also, the motives and objectives of the aggressor states that initiate the implementation, the states behind them, and those armed terrorist criminal groups and organizations. As well as an attempt to reverse the facts by trying to absent and erase them from the collective memory of the international community, peoples and leaders, whose parties include states and governmental organizations, including the new US administration. Especially those learned through documents and agreements from six years ago. America and other countries have been working and participating in bilateral agreements and in accordance with international resolutions of the Security Council for the duty to protect and maintain international peace and security with the Republic of Yemen represented by the Yemeni army and Yemeni security institutions. To combat and fight those groups. Whereas, its efforts did not fructify due to the lack of desires and seriousness of influential leaders in the former Yemeni system who used to sponsor these groups and organizations and exploit them to create chaos and destabilize security and stability. This was to serve its illegal interests and corrupt projects, which it implements in the manner of committing corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing crimes. It was with the participation of influential partners from the leaders of foreign countries, including countries involved in aggression and included in the so-called (the Arab alliance) to restore legitimacy in Yemen). The coalition countries continue their aggression, war, and transnational organized crimes to mislead and cover them up by calling these corrupt criminal elements (their Yemeni local partners) (legitimacy) or (Hadi government) and other names. The coalition countries Falsify to take away the legitimacy and obstruct the leadership and the Yemeni government representing the Republic of Yemen and its interests and people in international bodies and organizations. In particular, the United Nations body, represented by the leaderships that people have chosen and authorized. It was also recommended by its constitutional institution through the Yemeni Parliament, which gave confidence to the Supreme Political Council and the Government of Salvation in Sana’a. As the people turning around most of its members, including citizens, parties, forces and components, and lining up behind them for six years, to continue the battle of defense, steadfastness, confrontation and Determination to combat criminal terrorism and its armed groups and organizations in the so-called Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen and other branches, derivatives and names. Also to maintain national and social security and protect the lives of citizens, their children and women from the threat of horrific terrorist crimes. Likewise, for the duty to maintain and protect international peace and security, the people’s rush and the great efforts and sacrifices represented by paying their sons and men to support the Yemeni army and security institutions in what is known as (the people’s committees) to continue this battle. When they sensed and touched the inaction of the leadership of the corrupt regime, their coup, their betrayal of the army and its men in several stations, and handing them over to the ambushes of those groups to slaughter them as it was in city (Hadramout (Mukalla) and others, which were in line with the positions of their partners (in transnational organized crimes) of foreign nationalities.

As they are considering as the corrupt and their accomplices, to keep up with the international community’s disavowal of its obligations, responsibilities and duties, and its overthrow to the opposite by declaring war on the Yemeni army backed by the people represented by (people’s committees) and aligning and supporting those criminal terrorist groups and organizations. We believe that these facts will not be absent from the new American administration, nor will be absent or erased from the collective memory of the international community, which was expressed by more than three hundred organizations throughout the world on January 25, 2021 AD. Also, the momentum of demonstrations and campaigns from societies and peoples of many countries of the world to demand an end to the war on Yemen and to reject the decision of the previous American administration to classify (Ansar Allah Movement) a foreign terrorist organization.

This global rejection was based on awareness of the truth about what the Ansar Allah movement represents in terms of the values ​​of coexistence, partnership, tolerance, peace, freedom and dignity that it pursues. Also the principles of humanity and civilization that they adhere to, and bear the responsibility of struggle and sacrifice for the duty to their guarantee, and protect at the local, regional and international level. It is a Bright fact that is the active and main Yemeni national force which most of the forces, parties and components of Yemeni society and its people have gathered around them. It also awakened and carried those responsibilities and the international duty to maintain and protect international peace and security. Also, it carried the hopes, aspirations and ambitions of the Yemeni people to be free from domination, subordination, independence and sovereignty for the country, owning its decision, its wealth, capabilities, eliminating the corrupt system and its cross-border crimes.

The international community has confirmed the fact elements of the former regime have corrupted those who call themselves “Sharia” in the UN report issued by the international expert group on Yemen, which exposed and proved the latest money laundering crimes from those corrupt clients of nearly (half a billion dollars) to the accounts of merchants in ways illegal. Their reality, which has almost six years of misleading Promotion, is not lost on the “legitimate” or internationally recognized “legitimate government. The past six years have revealed that they have nothing to do with the Yemeni people and their interests. Its role in the war of aggression and its crimes was by occupying seats to represent Yemen and its interests in international bodies and forums to demand the continuation of the war of aggression. Also, to justify war crimes, terrorism, the siege on Yemen, bombing its people, its women and children, and preventing food and medicine. Then starving him and his approval and facilitating his occupation by foreign invaders of its coasts, ports, islands, controlling Yemen’s territorial waters and international corridors. This is in order to transform our country into a place for controlling of terrorist criminal groups and organizations and a scene for their criminal and terrorist operations that threaten navigation and international trade.

The approach and behavior of previous US administrations has struck America’s credibility by claiming to fight terrorism and has established a belief in the international community’s awareness of the falsity of its claims. It also proved that it employs those armed terrorist groups to serve the implementation of its illegal plans and projects. Then to put pressure on states and Force their peoples and subjugate them by surrendering their will and decisions. It is a pretext to enter their forces, put their bases and to interfere in their affairs. This negatively affected its relations with many countries that are parties from the international community. It also resulted in a lot of feelings of resentment, hostility and hatred for it among the societies and peoples of those countries, which with it has become a duty and imperative for the new US administration.

Realizing the necessity of reviewing them, correcting their mistakes, and correcting their deviation as required by their interests, which lie in respecting the independence and sovereignty of states. Also, respect for the rights of their people and not to interfere in their internal affairs, and that relations between them and the rest of the countries are based and deal with them accordingly, and on the principle of legitimate common, just and mutual interests among them. Also, it is imperative to stop supporting and employing these armed terrorist criminal groups, organizations, the countries that finance, sponsor them, adopt the ideas and beliefs of Takfiri. In particular, the Wahhabi creed that constitutes the thought and belief of the Gulf states in the Arabian Peninsula, and which constitutes the fertile environment for their industry and their emergence until their danger and harm to America and many countries of the world has become more than the countries and peoples of the region.

We are in the Justice Lawyers Foundation, as we affirm our strong condemnation of all these aggressive crimes, violations, and attacks on humanity, with its customs, laws and charters, whose severity and size of damages are more severe and more harmful than those committed against the countries of their society, peoples and individuals, their rights, freedoms, their security and international peace. As we affirm this on everyone, and we call on all and the fullness of the international community, its bodies, organizations and individuals, to quickly advance the duties and responsibilities of their existential and international legal obligations and to defend human rights with all that they must.

We in the Justice Lawyers Foundation affirm the following: –

1- We affirm our respect, appreciation and praise for the (Ansar Allah) movement and the Yemeni army and all the forces, parties and components of the Yemeni society and its steadfast people and the people’s committees representing to it, support for the army and security institutions. Also, to continue the battle to eliminate criminal terrorists with the so-called Al Qaeda, its branches and derivatives from criminal organizations and armed groups.

it has proven through its sacrifices that fact is the real effective mechanism for achieving protection of the life, blood, and funds of the Yemeni citizen, society, international peace and security from the threat of terrorist crimes by these terrorist criminal groups and organizations. Preventing these mistakes and preventing the occurrence of these crimes is thanks to the efforts to continue their battle and sacrifices that they took responsibility for and made sacrifices. On behalf of the international community that has absent, failed and disavowed the duties of its responsibilities and obligations towards all of this, and it must confess that it owes for the work that it does, its gratitude, appreciation, and praise.


2-We call on the Yemeni society and people, with all their forces and components of their parties, unions, organizations and individuals, for more cohesion and support. Also support the Yemeni army, people’s committees and national forces that bear the responsibility and duties to continue the Yemeni people’s revolution against authoritarianism, subordination, hegemony, corruption, transnational organized crimes, and the elimination of terrorist criminals and their groups and organizations.


3- We call on the international community, especially its governmental bodies and organizations, headed by the United Nations and the Security Council from among the member states, as well as the permanent members to advance their responsibilities and duties of their commitments to international charters, agreements and decisions, including those issued by the UN Security Council, related to combating terrorism and international mechanisms to fight , combat and prosecute Al Qaeda , its branches , its derivatives, their financiers and their supporters from states, groups and individuals. As required by the rules of international law, charters and agreements of obligations that require to support and assistance of Yemen represented by the Yemeni army and security institutions backed by people’s committees that represents the Yemeni people.In order to continue its battle by eliminating terrorist criminals, their groups and organizations, and to defeat the forces of states that participate in fighting, support and finance Yemeni terrorist elements and groups from all Yemeni lands, waters and islands. Promoting the principle of independence and sovereignty for a state party to the international community that is a member of the United Nations in a manner that preserves and protects international peace and security from the danger that threatens it in accordance with previous international resolutions and decisions.


4- We call on the international community, represented by the United Nations, through the UN Security Council, to take measures and procedures that ensure an immediate cessation of the aggressive war on Yemen from the so-called “Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy”. Also, it separates the siege and stop the crimes against its people, and the prosecution, and accountability of all direct criminals, participants, contributors, instigators, and all those responsible for those crimes that they committed against the Republic of Yemen and its citizens, elderly, children and women. As well as for their support and financing of branched terrorist groups and their derivatives from the so-called Al-Qaeda organization and for all transnational organized crime, corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant international agreements, procedures, measures and obligations.


Issued from Sana’a

On February 1, 2021 AD

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An institution concerned with rights and freedoms

A statement of Condemnation and Denunciation 1

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